Hand made with longevity in mind.

Modern Heirloom

About Proche

The brainchild of designer Felicia Zivkovic , Proche is a limited-edition collection that offers heirloom pieces with a sense of effortless femininity and nostalgia. Our commitment to sustainability, quality, and authenticity makes this collection a perfect way to evolve and refine your personal style . We strive to design wearable pieces that feed the soul and tell a story, often using textiles with history. If it isn't a textile, it might be the vintage button or beads, or it hand crocheted by women who have a long history of craftsmanship built into their culture.

Proche is made with Longevity in mind, meant to be cherished and passed down.


Fall/winter '22

A collection of treasures that spark nostalgia with notes of old world techniques and hand crafted elements, blended into timeless and modern silhouettes.  Found glass murano beads, hand crocheted classic patterns, and fabric made from quilted scraps make this collection rich with storied charm.



Using traditional quilting, patchwork techniques and vintage silhouettes, our Spring collection is classic-meets-cozy with gossamer summer dresses and nostalgic prints.


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