The brainchild of designer Felicia Zivkovic, Proche is a concept born from a desire to help fight fast fashion, offering bespoke goods made from deadstock and vintage textiles, as well as a timeless collection pushing the boundaries of creativity with the finest craftsmanship. Using well curated vintage materials as well as other sustinable aspects in design, we strive to offer a collection that inspires emotion and meaning.

Felicia spent over a decade in the fashion industry as a desinger and most recently as design director for a luxury label. Prior to starting Proche, Felicia also experimented with upcycling through her premier service, Reissued styled, where she turned your pre loved garments into coveted one of a kind pieces.

Proche campaigns

Spring '22

Using traditional quilting, patchwork techniques and vintage silhouettes, our Spring collection is classic-meets-cozy with gossamer summer dresses and nostalgic prints.

Fall/winter '22

A collection of treasures that spark nostalgia with notes of old world techniques and hand crafted elements, blended into timeless and modern silhouettes.  Found glass murano beads, hand crocheted classic patterns, corseted frocks and fabric made from quilted scraps make this collection rich with storied charm.