A French term for "next of kin", Proche is the embodiment of quality clothing made with intent to cherish and pass down. Each piece is made with care for Mother earth using upcycled and recycled materials that tell a story.

After years working in the industry for various brands, designer Felicia Zivkovic started her journey in 2020 with her grandmother's hankies. Using what existed in her home, she created some of the most meaningful and inspired pieces that led to a transformation in how she viewed fashion. The initial hanky dresses inspired using all kinds of carefully curated textiles to make exquisite one of a kind pieces.

Today, Proche is a full collection made with longevity in mind. Meant to enhance a creative lifestyle in effortless silhouettes. Materials are upcycled, deadstock, vintage and sustainable fabrics. All collections include both limited edition and one of a kind pieces made locally. Proche is grounded in values and pure creativity rather than rapid growth.